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September 16, 2010 | In the Vineyard | Alan Baker

Harvest 2010 kicks off with Floodgate Pinot Noir

With a huge sigh of relief and a massive amount of pent up energy we hit the vineyard this morning and pulled in the first Pinot Noir of 2010. The fruit was from Floodgate Vineyard in the Russian River Valley. Several friends helped us work ahead of the picking crew to drop heat damaged fruit so our bins were clean leaving the vineyard. Pick decisions have been tricky this year as we've seen such cool weather that the grape chemistry is unlike anything we've encountered for a very long time. It's pretty wild to see mature fruit at such low sugar levels. Growers and winemakers who pay close attention to when the flavors develop this year stand a very good chance of racking up yet another amazing year for Pinot.

We've got two more days of consecutive picking to beat the threat of rain so updates might be brief but we'll check in and let you know whats' going on. Below is a slide show of the pick and crush today. It's a bit hit and miss because we spent most of the time up to our elbows in sticky grape juice. Grape juice and expensive cameras don't really mix.

Thanks to everyone who has been wishing us good luck. So far, so good.


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