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Winemaker Tastings

Eager to delve deeper into our small production wines, experience Cartograph wines with a special tasting guided by our winemaker, Alan Baker. These tastings must be reserved in advance. We are happy to schedule tastings for groups of 4 to 10 people, if you are looking for a special tasting for you and your friends. 

bottle of pinot noir being poured into a glassStarscape Vineyard Vertical, Russian River Valley

Please join Alan in a four year vertical tasting of the Starscape Vineyard (formerly named Floodgate Vineyard). Alan will talk about the viticultural practices used at Starscape Vineyard and walk you through his winemaking decisions for each vintage. This tasting is $65 per person and lasts one hour. 

Perli Vineyard Vertical, Mendocino Ridge

We have been harvesting Pinot Noir at Perli Vineyard since 2009. The high altitude and coastal winds of the Mendocino Ridge have an incredible influence on the Pinot noir that is grown on the mountain tops. Please join Alan in a four year vertical tasting of the Perli Vineyard. Alan will talk about the different seasons and winemaker decisions made for each vintage. We will taste four vintages of Perli Vineyard. This tasting is $65 per person and lasts one hour. 

Inside Pinot

This unique tasting focuses on the evolution of Cartograph wine from grape to glass. If you've ever visited us during harvest, you know that Alan always has a small batch of something percolating on the bar. You might get a taste of Pinot juice from a sample that was taken in the vineyard that morning, or a fermentation that is just taking off at the winery. The reactions we get are almost always ones of surprise that what is in the glass will eventually become an amazingly complex and graceful wine. 

When Alan started sugar sampling the grapes this past summer, he saved the juice samples and froze them. He has now created a new tasting experience called “Inside Pinot” that lets visitors sample along as he gives a verbal and visual tour of how Pinot Noir is made. We taste juice samples as well as current releases and library wines from Cartograph.

This tasting is $90 per person and lasts about 1.5 hours.

Vineyard Tours

Join Alan at the Cartograph Estate and take a walking tour through the vineyard. In each block you will taste clone specific Pinot noir as Alan discusses his approach to farming the vineyard. We'll wrap up the tasting on the patio with a taste of the Cartograph Estate Pinot Noir and small bites.

This tasting is $75 per person and lasts about 2 hours.

Set Up A Winemaker Tasting

Please contact the tasting room at 707.433.8270 or email Serena directly at to arrange a reservation for our Winemaker Tastings.