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October 21, 2010 | Out & About | Alan Baker

Vinwood processes more grapes in a day than we'd pick in 115 years!

OK, the headline is a bit inflammatory but after visiting a Cabernet pick for Leslie Sisneros' Ispiri wines on Pine Mountain yesterday, we drove by the Kendall Jackson Vinwood facility near Geyserville and saw the long line of trucks with loaded valley bins waiting to check through the sugar shack and unload on the crushpad. We swung through the parking lot to get a look at things, and heard that they would be processing 1,100 tons of fruit in a single day.

That's a lot of fruit. Eleven hundred tons...

At our current production level it would take us over 100 years to process that many grapes. Granted our production level will go up but that number - 1,100 - just blew me away.

Here's a short video of the line of trucks waiting to get to the crushpad.

Each of those bins holds about five tons of fruit. So those double trailers can bring in 100 tons or more.
The coming rain has everybody picking as fast as they can but facilities are hitting their limit of how much fruit they can process in a single day. And, tank space for fermentation is a precious commodity right now.

I'm feeling very lucky that all of the 2010 Cartograph wines are in barrel. It's a wild ride out in the valleys right now. Hang in there folks, we're almost to the finish line.

- Alan


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