Serena Lourie
August 11, 2012 | In the Tasting Room | Serena Lourie

Reflections on our first year in the tasting room

Garagiste HealdsburgWe've now had a full year in our tasting room, Garagiste Healdsburg, and it's fun to look back on all the great moments and everything we've learned.  It's amazing when I think about how many people we have met and conversations we have had with people who are discovering our wines for the first time as well as the people who keep coming back and referring their friends because they love what we are doing. As I think back to the first month where I was so nervous behind the bar that my hands would shake as I poured wine, to now when I look forward to my time in the tasting room and get excited about sharing our wines with people, I realize this year has been one more step in our Cartograph journey and I am loving it!


Here are my favorite things about having a tasting room:

  • Being able to share our passion about making Cartograph wines with others
  • Connecting with people who have been following our story and can now come taste the wines with us
  • Sharing our wines with people who are trying it for the first time
  • Hearing about where people have taken our wines and who they have shared them with
  • Being able to taste our wines every day and seeing the progression as the wines evolve and age in bottle
  • Supporting local artists and musicians by having a venue where they can play music and show their art

I hope you'll be able to come visit us if you have not been to Garagiste Healdsburg yet.  We'd love to see you!

- Serena


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