Serena Lourie
December 3, 2012 | News & Events | Serena Lourie

Winemakers Blend Technology and Tradition

We had a great discussion with USA Today reporter Laura Petrecca, about how winemakers are using technology to deliver information to their consumers.  It's neat to see which technologies wineries are embracing and how they are using them to reach people.  For us, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great platforms to quickly share information about what's happening with Cartograph, as well as, to see and hear how people are enjoying with the wines. 

I am always humbled when I see a mention of someone bringing our wine to a dinner with friends or enjoying it with a meal they cooked at home.  I love that people post photos of the bottles of wine they enjoy, it helps me connect to them beyond what happens in the tasting room.  Using social media tools, people get their questions about the wines or the harvest season answered directly by us which is a great way to share information and ensure it is accurate.  Laura's article is out in today's edition of USA Today.  Read the article  


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