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June 21, 2015 | Photo of the day | Alan Baker

Photo of the day

I've been seeing pictures of some serious "Hens and Chicks" in other vineyards, so I thought I should get out and take a look. I stopped by Starscape and found that this vineyard was looking pretty solid. The first two shots are of Pinot with the second cluster showing the heaviest occurence. The second two shots are Gewürztraminer which is looking pretty much normal. We get "Hens and Chicks" when the cluster starts blooming but then the weather changes extending bloom and some berries polinate much later than the rest of the cluster. We'll take care of most of this when we're thinning the clusters later in the season so it's not likely to impact flavors. With this mild occurence It is likely that most berries can catch up anyway.
OK, back to blending trials.
- Alan

Pinot 667 clone looking good

Pinot 667 clone with some "Hens and Chicks"

Gewürz clusters looking pretty uniform





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