Serena Lourie
May 26, 2016 | In the Vineyard | Serena Lourie

Canes and wind damage

My learning lesson this week in the vineyard: wind damaged vines (grrr). So our new vineyard is in a particular part of Sonoma county that is notorious for it's afternoon winds. Every afternoon with the precision of a Swiss watch, the winds start to blow and then finish their wailing around dusk. The effect of that in May when the canes are growing is cane breakage.

So, I spent an afternoon going row by row (108 rows) to pull off the wind damaged canes (damaged canes breakdown which leads to rot and other potential issues).

Holy eye opening experience from an agricultural side (i.e. how do we prevent this loss in the future?) and from a financial perspective (i.e. how do we prevent this loss in the future?). ‪#‎vineyardlearning‬ ‪#‎livingthelife‬ - Serena



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