2016 Cartograph Estate Pinot Noir Magnum
Wine Specs
Pinot Noir
Russian River Valley
Alcohol %

2016 Cartograph Estate Pinot Noir Magnum

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The first-ever Cartograph Estate Pinot blend is a bit of a sheep in wolf’s clothing. It comes at you with some pretty overtly fruity aromatics: strawberry, cranberry, dark cherry, orange blossom and mint are right in your face as you sniff the glass. But as you get the wine in your mouth, your brain moves beyond those first impressions and notices the play between structural elements and the round supple fruit. As much as I love the fun, glitzy storefront of this wine, the real story is the complexity that comes at you after the first sip. What was fruity becomes savory. What was sharp on the nose becomes supple and round on the palate. While it’s easily enjoyed without overthinking, this is a Pinot geek’s wine. Spend time with this one to uncover all the little things going on behind the scenes, all the way through the long finish that shows mouth-coating tannins late.    - Alan Baker, Winemaker