Staff Picks

We get a lot of questions about which wines are our favorite. Whether it is one of our wines or a favorite from our neighbors, we love finding wines that really shine at certain points in their maturation. And we want to share our “staff picks” with you. Each month we’ll share a wine picked by one of our team as their cfavorite wine currently in our line up. Whether it is a new release or a library wine, we can help you discover wines that are at their peak. The wine will be featured in the tasting room for that month.


August 2023: 2016 Transverse Pinot Noir

July 2023: 2017 Green Ranch Pinot Noir

June 2023: 2017 Green Ranch Riesling

May 2023: 2013 Brut Zero Sparkling

April 2023: 2017 Starscape Vineyard Pinot Noir

March 2023: 2016 Saltonstall Vineyard Pinot Noir

Feb 2023: 2016 Cartograph Estate Pinot Noir