Alan Baker
August 16, 2012 | In the Winery | Alan Baker

The Story of the Wine on Every Label

Any of you who have met Serena or me, or have even glanced at what we have been up to, know that we're a pretty geeked out couple. We're online more than we care to admit and love swimming in the myriad details that surround grape growing and the wine making process. So it stands to reason that we love sharing the seasonal details of all our vineyard sources with those of you who might be similarly inclined.

However, I don't think a blow by blow of each location for each year makes very compelling reading after the fact so we've always incorporated this information right on the back label. We think is a novel approach and giving this shorthand view lets you see what kind of a growing season it was, and how our vineyard sources differ. Of course this means that every label has to go to the feds for approval but we think it is worth it. Check it out below



Gewurztraminer label


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